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Ah My Goddess!
Little Mini-Goddesses A sick filksong.
Lost in the Translation A goddess in training takes a wish request a bit too literally.
Back to the Future
What the Hell Dr. Emmett Brown has sent Marty McFly back to the future. Everything is back to as it should be. But just what was written on that note he'd torn up?
Blakes 7
And Then There Was OneMy "Gauda Prime Survivor" story, with the typical Morris sick and twisted ending to it. (Originally published in Powerplay 4)
FinaleAnother Gauda Prime story, this one with Vila and Avon--briefly. I must have been in one of heckuva pissy mood when I wrote this one. (Originally published in Revenge of the Rabble)
FinaleYet another Post-Gauda Prime tale, but this time Avon survives, leading Servalan to the wreckage of Xenon Base in search of ORAC--or so he claims. (Originally published in Avon the Terrible)
Only MistakenCally has one final meeting with Blake. I must have really been in a pissy mood in those days. (Originally published in Revenge of the Rabble)
The Days of Miracle and WonderA look at Blake's revolution from the perspectives of those it touches--the innocents. (Originally published in Southern Seven 5)
The Fine Art of PersuasionWhen everyone else has been captured, it's up to Olag Gan and Vila Restal to save the day! (Originally published in B7 Complex 15)
Buckaroo Banzai
Across the Haint DimensionThe Banzai Institute is having a ghost infestation. Who ya gonna call? (Originally published in Southern Lights 5)
Auld Lang SyneA look at a possible future for Buckaroo Banzai, the Hong Kong Cavaliers...and their greatest enemy.
The Battle of the BudgetIt's Rawhide versus Little Red in their never-ending battle...who will emerge victorious?
The Effects of Lectroid Ionization on Human FertilityThat caper with John Whorfin has some interesting effects on the Institute--especially the female population. (Written by Mary Morris--published in The Naughty Bits #1)
One for the ArchivesA letter from Buckaroo Banzai to the New England Journal of Medicine. (Written by Mary Morris--originally published in Samurai Errant #3)
The SubstitutesWhen the Ghostbusters are felled by a nasty virus, itís up to Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers to take up the slack! (Originally published in BANZINE #2)
Wedding PresentThe female Cavaliers, tired of excuses from their men, take matters into their own hands regarding the menace of Hanoi Xan. (Written by Mary Morris--published in More Naughty Bits)
Doctor Who
The Goblin QueenJareth, the Goblin King, has decided that his realm needs a Queen--and he believes that Tegan Jovanka is the perfect candidate!
Spirits in the Material World (Doctor Who/Kill The Dead)A despondent Nyssa feels lost and alone, and blames the Doctor for it. But the ghost of an old friend might be the death of her, unless Parl Dro and Myal Lemyal can intervene.
A Word From Our Sponsor An important commercial about a product that changed one man's life.
No Thanks for the Memories Lost in time and space, Ifurita draws comfort from the memories Makoto gave least, it starts that way...
Princess Fatora's School For Gifted Young WomenA public service announcement for all Roshtarian girls seeking alternatives to the future.
Something HappenedAn unexpected encounter disturbs the relationship between two priestesses and leads each to a haven for solace, consulation and advice.
The BuzzA gift from a pretty girl has Station 51 flying high.
Dog Eat DogAnd you thought Henry was there just for decoration...
Harmony and SunshineDon't you just hate it when your parents show up unexpectedly? Brice sure does...
Have a Brice DayBrice is writing an article about his job for Readers Digest. Alas, he's picked a day when the world just seems like it's out to bug him. (For the Code Red Bug Brice contest, though it's out of competition).
Les ParamedicsA scene from a classic musical...with a special walk-on appearance by Johnny and Roy!
MistyJohnny's in the hospital, gorked on pain medication. He'll have to make the best of things, with the help of his robot friends!
Mothers DayJohnny, Roy and the kids decide to give Joanne breakfast in bed. What could possibly go wrong?
The Odd CoupleCan Brice and Bellingham, opposites as opposites can be, work together without driving one another insane?
Par-a-med-iacsA crazed filksong. Trust me on this.
The ToyBrice has bought a really neat gadget, but he won't share with the other paramedics, Gage in particular.
Showdown at the K/S CorralA camping trip, a stormy night, a place to stay....
Where No Man Has Gone BeforeJohnny and Roy find themselves working in a unique setting.
The Wonderful Paramedics of OzBeing a series of scenes from a certain movie, with a slight twist or three...
Along Came A Spider... A tender moment between Allison and Nathan is interrupted by a menace of the eight-legged variety.
Butterball Rising In a world where Allison Blake has been called away on a family emergency, one man dares enter the kitchen to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.
Coming of Age Allison calls Stark and Carter for advice and assist when she walks in Kevin at the worst possible time for a teenager.
The Devil in the Blue DressZoe and Carter star in The Battle For The Prom Dress.
Eureka Ten Second Tales Strange tales told in brief.
EyewitnessThe death of an elderly scientist results in some surprising discoveries.
Going Starkers Fargo and Julia hook up, thus heralding the end of the world. Who ya gonna call? Well, not THEM...this is EUREKA!
Filksongs and Other Insanity
Darth Maul's Lament (Star Wars)The wrong song came on as we were leaving Episode I.
Fandom Brotherhood Week Can't we all just get along? (No.)
Fanzines of the NightDedicated to all the hurt-comfort fiends in fandom--including the one I married.
Puttin' On The SithStar Wars is SO much fun...
Ten Second TalesA series of brief one-or-two sentence stories that cut right to the point.
FallenWhat appears to be a suicidal jumper turns out to be something else entirely, putting Goliath and Elisa at the heart of a centuries-old triangle that needs a final resolution.
Getting to Know YouThe Ghostbusters are hired by David Xanatos to track down some pesky gargoyles that have been giving him trouble!
The Ghost of Christmas PastMacbeth receives a very special Christmas present. For Mature Readers.
Icarus' DreamA vignette taking place during "The Mirror".
Killing Me Softly...Never let a rival in romance cook your meals.
WalkiesA gargoyle and his...whatever...take a midnight stroll through Central Park.
The Top Ten Changes for Owen Burnett Now That Fox Is "Mrs. Xanatos"
The Top Ten Uses For A Catatonic Coldstone
The Top Ten Changes ABC Wanted to Make to "Gargoyles"
The Top Ten Rejected "Gargoyles" Toys
Haibane Renmei
Junkman A resident of Glie tells about his encounter with a Haibane.
The Karenina Continuity Chronicles
Several years ago, Susan Garrett wrote and published a wonderful series of zines called the "Karenina Continuity Chronicles". It was an incredible saga of a female spy who was also (at times) a vampire in search of a cure. This quest took her through several universes, ranging from the New Avengers to the Night Stalker to The Magician. Susan wrapped her tale up in 5 issues,but she meant to put out a sixth volume--this one containing other peoples' stories about her characters. Unable to resist a challenge, I gave her three vignettes (loosely combined under the title "Vampire Dreams and Other Things") in the typical Morris "el sicko" style. For whatever reason, the zine never saw light of day, but here are the three stories I gave Susan.
The Right Tools for the Job (Home Improvement)The vampire finds herself trapped on "Tool Time", with none other than Al and Tim about to demonstrate the Binford method of putting creatures of the night down for good!
The Full Meal Deal (DS9)Next the vampire ends up on Deep Space Nine, where she finds the good constable too much to...uh, stomach.
A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodAnd at last our lovely vampire finds herself in the magical world of PBS!
Max Headroom
Faint HeartsEdison Carter is having a bad day. He finds himself unable to ask Theora to accompany him to the big awards banquet...and then there's this mad bomber in the lobby, demanding to talk to him...(Originally published in Maxzine #2)
R-R-Rival ReporterEdison Carter and Network 23 have some ratings competition from a young woman named Sarah Jane Smith appearing on Network 66! (Originally published in Roving Reporter #2)
Fringe BenefitsSomeone is killing Fringers. No one knows who, or why. In the midst of the unrest, Sarah Jane Smith seeks the answers...but where is Edison Carter? (Originally published in Roving Reporter #4)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Inheritors Shinji and Asuka have survived Third Impact only to face an even deadlier threat.
Old SchoolWhen all seems lost against the Angels, a hero from the past shows the kids how it's done.
Last WishA post "End of Evangelion" story with appearances by a few Goddesses.
Semper Ubi, Sub UbiShinji faces the greatest, most dangerous challenge of his life, with utter disaster the result should he fail.
Working StiffsA tribute to the hard working men of SOLDATS and their never ending quest to keep the secret organization a secret.
Pinky & The Brain
Pinky and the Brain-gerA boy Power Ranger, a girl Power Ranger, a moonlit night, a swimming pool...and two mice, one of whom is bent on world domination and not above using a few morphers to do it!
Real Ghostbusters
Across the Haint DimensionGhosts are popping up all over the Banzai Institute, and it's up to the Ghostbusters to find out why.(Originally printed in Southern Lights 5)
All Hallows EveSamhain has broken free, and he's celebrating his special night by first killing the Ghostbusters, and second by plunging New York City (and soon the world) into a new dark age! Who ya gonna call NOW?
Beer Barrel BustersThe Ghostbusters are brought to St. Louis to herald the opening of a restaurant on the site of a reputedly-haunted mansion. Pity no one asked the resident ghost what he thought about this.... (Originally published in PKE Readings 3)
Boo HooA bad dose of mood-altering ectoplasm has the Ghostbusters wallowing in angsty despair. (Published in WE GOT ONE #2)
Bust Me!A ghost is begging the guys to take her away...but they can't! Who ya gonna call...PETER'S FATHER????
Donuts of the DamnedIt's hard to get good help these days...unless, of course, you're the daughter of a voodoo priestess.
EllisA ghost-child on Ellis Island comes to the Ghostbusters' attention.
Getting to Know YouBillionaire David Xanatos hires the Ghostbusters to find a pesky group of gargoyles that have been giving him trouble of late. (Published in Adventures in Slime and Time 4)
Ghost TownRay Stantz checks out an empty town that's supposed to make way for a highway...but strange things are happening... (Published in Trap Open 1)
Ghost Writers in the SkyA dead writer takes over a young man to get the stories he never finished on paper.(Published in Adventures In Slime And Time 3)
Hot SeatEvery woman has her limits...Janine has reached hers.
Last of the Black PhantomsA World War II pilot was one of Winstonís idols growing up, and now the Ghostbuster must defend the dying old man from a mysterious spectral force. (Published in WE GOT ONE #1)
No Need for Consultants!The containment is dangerously overloaded, and the guys are out of ideas. Enter the mysterious Washu from Tenchi Muyo!
Perfect WorldA lab accident wipes out all paranormal activity throughout the world! Peter's financial wizardry makes them rich! The Ghostbusters have everything they've ever wanted...or do they?
The Pokemon Invasion of New YorkWhen New York is threatened by an army of oh-so-cute warriors, only one woman can save the day!
Reality CheckSomething strange is going on out in Angel Grove--and it involves Egon's nephew Billy. When he and Janine go out to investigate, they uncover an incredible conspiracy that could mean the end of everything.
Rock and Roll Heaven Can WaitEven the Reaper can't stop Dreadheads. (Published in PKE Readings 4)
The SubstitutesThe Ghostbusters have fallen ill. Fortunately, Buckaroo Banzai and his Hong Kong Cavaliers are happy to take up the slack! (Published in Banzine 1)
Wrath of a RedheadJanine isn't too happy about her character's portrayal in Ghostbusters 2...(written by Mary Morris--published in Banzine 2)
Stargate SG-1
PokegateApophis picks the wrong world to conquer...
Star Trek--TNG and DS9
AftermathAn away team casualty affects a number of the Enterprise crew,keeping Deanna Troi busy. (TNG--Originally published in Eridani 16
CircleThe death of Curzon Dax, and the birth of Jadzia Dax.(DS9-originally published in Outpost 3 under"Terry Moore")
Close EncountersKira and Bashir are trapped within a balky turbolift in the early days of DS9. (DS9-originally published in Outpost 1)
FragmentsTwo security officers have to inventory the personal belongings of a dead officer. (TNG-originally published in The Farthest Frontier #1)
Marina and the Gomtuu Will Riker tells his daughter a bedtime story with familiar elements.
Out, Damned Spot!A story best described as "Data's Cat's Day"(TNG--Originally published in Eridani 18)
Picking Up the PiecesRemember the woman who fell through the floor in "In Theory"? Well, someone had to get her out of there! (TNG-originally published in The Farthest Frontier #1)
PrisonersA long-sought Cardassian war criminal is finally brought in by his Bajoran pursuer--and the Cardassians will go to any length to get him back dead or alive. (DS9--Originally published in Outpost 1--1994 Fan-Q Winner!)
The Prodigal DaughterRo Laren returns to Bajor, and Kira Nerys wants to know why.(DS9--originally published in The Farthest Frontier #4)
Skeletons in the ClosetOdo must solve an old mystery when the remains of two Bajorans are found in a long-unused area of the station. (DS9-originally published in The Farthest Frontier #4--1997 Fan-Q Winner!)
Tenchi Muyo
A Match Made in...The tale of how young Kamiki Seto met her tree, Mikagami.
A Piece of TailRyoko has a mid-air collision with...nah, that would be telling.
Baby Masaki's First BookPat the Bunny meets Tenchi Muyo.
Bedroom Diplomacy: Blanket StatementTenchi's long night with Ryoko.
Bedroom Diplomacy: Sound BitesTenchi's even longer night with Ayeka.
Cherry BlossomsKagato's deadly legacy strikes a member of the Masaki household--and life will never be the same.
Confessin' To You On the eve of her marriage to Tenchi, Ryoko decides it's only right to inform him of all her wicked deeds. This could take a while...
I Got Your Valentine Right HereTenchi puts his foot down...right into his mouth.
I Scream, You ScreamTenchi learns that some people will see anything as grounds for a fight...
I'll Be (At the Masaki) Home For Christmas Ayeka is inspired to host the perfect Christmas family gathering in order to show Tenchi who the better woman is.
Indiana Jones and the Demon's ShrineThe great archaeologist goes to Japan to investigate rumors of a mystical sword and a demon buried deep within a cave. You can guess the rest.
I Toad You SoRyoko's snake-oil pitch at the carnival hits a snag when a familiar resident of Chulak shows up.
Love HimeThe story of Ayeka's grandparents, Lord Utsutsumi and Lady Seto.
Never ForgetThe touching, heartwarming tale of a Queen and her elephant.
No Need for ACROSS OverRyoko stumbles into the strange world of F City and F Prefecture--and runs into a very unexpected acquaintance. (Crossover with "Excel Saga")
No Need for ConsultantsThe Real Ghostbusters are faced with a containment dangerously over capacity and in need of some techinical expertise. Enter Washu!
Noblesse Oblige Ryoko's marriage to Tenchi has proven to be more than she can handle, forcing her to call upon her former rival for assistance of sorts.
smallest delightRyoko's first moments with her newborn daughter.
Some Assembly RequiredAyeka and Ryoko, having accidentally destroyed Tenchi's desk, face insurmountable odds in replacing it before he gets home. Featuring a few walk-ons from Tenchi Muyo GXP!
The Demon's Tale We all know the story of how Yosho vanquished Ryoko and imprisoned her in the cave. But there are two sides to every story...
Times Are Tough All OverAn error in judgement leaves Minagi stranded on Earth, banned from piracy, Hinase in drydock and a huge fine to pay. What's a poor girl to do?
When Hairy Met NagiA very special story of how a young bounty hunter and a lonely cabbit came together.
Wounded KneeThe bounty hunter Nagi is injured while pursuing a dangerous criminal. Disabled, drugged, stuck in a hospital bed--is our heroine at the mercy of this heinous villain? Heh. You wish...
Love and Chocolate (Ultraman Max) Valentines Day at DASH Headquarters, and Elly enlists Mitsuki's help in making something special for Koba.
The Review (Ultraman) Mura gives Hayata his annual performance review--why is that Hayata's always behind rocks when trouble occurs?
The Bunny Tale (Ultraman Mebius) Mirai's 'brothers' perform the sacred Hazing of the Rookie by leading him to believe Zoffy's on Earth...kind of.