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Little Mini-Goddesses

An Ah! My Goddess filk by Jeff Morris

to the tune of "Little Fuzzy Animals" by Frank Hayes

At Keiichi Morisato's
You may like what you see
The shrine grounds are so peaceful
And they're kept up nice and neat
But amid the household clutter
Lurk three threats to mind and teeth
They're the little mini-goddesses that look so sweet

Yes the little mini-goddesses
Kawaii mini-goddesses
Little mini-goddesses that look so sweet

Skuld, Goddess of the future and debugger

Now Skuld is an inventor
She makes gadgets by the score
And they clack and whirl and spin and swirl
About the shrine's wood floor
And if they keep you up at night
Just smash them 'gainst the door
She's the little mini-goddess who will just make more

Now Urd, she likes her sake
She drinks it every day
It makes her high and belch and sigh
It's rude, but what the hey
For you see when Urd is sober
She calls lightning from the sky
She's the little mini goddess who will make you fry
Urd, Goddess of the past and general busybody
Belldandy, Goddess of the present and overwhelming goody-goody And then there's sweet Belldandy
So cute she makes you sick
She's so perky and so chipper
You could smack her with a stick
And when she grants you wishes
There is nothing you can do
She's the little mini-goddess who will stick like glue
So when you visit Morisato's
A good time is in store
The tea and cakes keep coming
Till you can't eat any more
But watch out for Belldandy
and her sisters--mark this well
If you see the mini-goddesses, then run like hell!