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a Blakes 7 tale by Jeff Morris

Pain. Wave after wave of burning, cancerous agony washed through Cally's body, overwhelming every nerve, every sinew, making it an effort merely to keep breathing. Her mind was flooded with a chaotic symphony of her body's distress; forcing herself to perform the Auron rituals for banishing pain, she slowly diminished the biting, throbbing and sharp, piercing sensations until she could once again think clearly and take stock of her situation.

Broken leg. Various cuts and gashes, but nothing life-threatening if treated promptly. Pinned by debris, but she still had feeling in the extremities. She'd been carrying ORAC, running behind Vila, who was carrying an unconscious Tarrant. Then a second series of explosions had erupted, knocking her to the ground and bringing the ceiling down upon her. She wondered if Vila had gotten out with Tarrant. She didn't see any bodies, so the odds were good. He would bring help as soon as he was able. There was no need to panic.

A large shadow overwhelmed what little light was there. Cally jerked her head up and gasped in amazement. "Blake?"

"Hullo, Cally." His face was bearded now, but it had to be him. No one else had those eyes, could possibly carry himself with that charismatic aura. But Cally's heart, momentarily rising in hope and joy at the sight of him, now paused as a tremor of uncertainty and fear shook through her. Blake's eyes, once full of compassion and vision, were now filled with amused disdain and outright cruelty.

Cally bit her lip as a ripple of agony slipped through her shields. "I…I don't understand."

He chuckled and lowered his bulky form, resting on his knees. "No, I don't believe you would. The concept of betrayal is utterly foreign to you…at least, willingly betraying someone. Ah, but Avon…Avon knows it quite well. So do I, now."

"Blake…" she groaned. "Please…help me…"

"I imagine you’re in quite a bit of pain," he coolly remarked. "Let me give you this." He pulled out a medipad from his side pouch and pressed it against her arm. "There. That will ease the pain for a time. It will, also, guarantee that you won't be able to call for help with your telepathy."

Cally's eyes widened in shock. She instinctively tried to send a message to Vila, but it was weak and shaky; the effort exhausted her. She sensed the potent narcotic shooting through her, dulling the devilish throbbing, but at the same time she knew she was quite helpless…at Blake's mercy.

"There. Quite satisfied now?" Blake chuckled again. "You know, it's really a shape. I liked you, Cally. You were the one person that I knew would always support me. But then you had to go and side with him after Star One. That hurt me, Cally. And now I'm going to collect for that hurt."

"Blake…you…this can't be you… You've been brainwashed, or a clone…this can't be…"

"Can't it?" Blake's face twisted in insane rage. "He left me, Cally, you all left me behind! And when the Federation found me, I offered them my aid quite willingly--a double agent of sorts, just so that I could avenge myself on you all! All this," he waved an arm wildly about the wreckage, "all this was my idea, not Servalan's. I set all this up, knowing that your precious… Avon…couldn't resist the chance to not only stick the knife in my back one more time, but make a profit on it at the same time!" He roared with laughter, then fell oddly quiet. "Always know your enemy, Cally. Always."

She shook her head dully; the drug was taking full effect. "No…oh, no, Blake…you're so wrong…"

"Am I? It doesn't matter." He rose to his feet. "I'm going back to my ship now. It's quite protected from all this. From there, I am going to trigger the final series of detonations. It will utterly level this place. Perhaps it will kill all of you, perhaps not. It will definitely kill you.

"And if, by some odd chance, Avon and the others survive, I'll wait and plan, and when Avon and I meet again, I'll seem him and the rest of your band dead if it's the last thing I do." He turned away. "Good-bye, Cally. I'll see you in hell."

Cally watched helplessly as he strode away, tears streaming down her face. "No…" She lay there sobbing, mourning for her approaching death, mourning for the death of a friend and the dream he'd fought for.

She heard the sudden rumblings. Fear shot through her, cutting through the drugs and bringing her to full alertness. She felt her world shudder and erupt, felt the heat of the explosion, looked up and saw the universe tumbling down upon her…