An idea whose time has come...

Yes, at long last the young women of El-Hazard have a haven, an institution of learning that will guide and build them into the ultimate pinnacle of feminine perfection! Princess Fatora of Roshtaria, seeing that the young women of today were in dire need of a guiding hand, has taken it upon herself to found a private facility dedicated to helping girls reach their maximum potential!

At Princess Fatora's School For Gifted Young Women, our highly-trained staff will work with your daughters night and day, providing them with an education that will stay with them all their lives and enable them to be the women Princess Fatora has always dreamed of.

Princess Fatora's School For Gifted Young Women will accept all who enter its hallowed halls, regardless of financial or social status. No girl is turned away; our arms are open wide, eager to embrace all those who enter.

Under the watchful eye of School Administrator Alielle, the Princess Fatora School for Gifted Young Women features a wide variety of courses for young women to sample. Through our extensive program, girls are able to study at their own pace and have ready access to teaching assistance both night and day. The School will even feature special night classes for young women who work during the day. As Administrator Alielle says it best, "We won't stop until we're utterly satisfied!"

Princess Rune Venus of Roshtaria, sister to Princess Fatora: "Oh gods, what is she up to now?"   School Administrator Alielle, dedicated to getting the most out of her girls.

"This has long been my dream," stated Princess Fatora in her dedication address. "For far too long have I watched so many young women, deprived of their chance to ripen and blossom into a rich, fulfilling future, fall prey to a lifetime of servitude, captives to their husbands and children. And now, now I want to give these girls a chance to discover an alternative way of life, one that will allow them to taste the sweet fruits of a full, rich life!

"Oh, I know what the skeptics must be saying. They're saying I'm doing this out of my own self-interest, that all I'm interested in is a dormitory full of sweet young things. Well, they're right. I am interested in these lovely young women! I want to take them under my wing, give them the chance to experience the gifts I was given while growing up, and see that there's another, better way to live! Now, you tell me that this is selfish? Well, you ask me, I think the world could stand a lot more of such selfishness!"

General Studies Instructor Masamichi Fujisawa, seen here discussing a classic work of art.   Learn the hot and spicy secrets of cooking from our equally hot and spicy teacher, Nanami Jinnai!

Young women between the ages of 13 and 20 may come to the Princess Fatora School of Gifted Young Women, located at the Royal Palace of Roshtaria, at any time, night or day. Administrator Alielle promises to interview each applicant personally and determine whether or not she is a good fit for the program. Interviews last an average of two hours; in special cases, Princess Fatora has agreed to make herself available as a special consultant.


"Let me make a woman out of your girl!"