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Several Eureka ficlets By Jeff Morris


1) The Dalek Invasion of Eureka

Nathan Stark surveyed the smoking carnage and nodded. "Well, that'll teach 'em to invade the day of the Tesla Science Fair."

2) Not From Around These Parts

Carter looked around the well-kept farm for a moment before returning his attention to the couple in front of him. "So, let's go over this one more time," he said, glancing over at the little boy playing with a big rubber ball nearby. "You were driving home from Eureka one evening last week, and you thought you saw a meteorite falling into your fields."

"That's right, Sheriff," the husband nodded, wrapping a protective arm around his wife.

"Okay. So you went out there and discovered a big furrow where it had hit...and when you got up close, you discovered that it wasn't a meteorite, but some sort of alien...rocket ship."

"Yes, yes," the wife snapped, shuddering slightly. "I don't know why you're repeating all these questions, Sheriff. We went over all this with the Global Dynamics people several times." Her eyes shifted over to the boy, who was struggling to retrieve his ball from beneath Carter's SUV.

"I understand that, ma'am," Carter said patiently. "It's just that..." He took a deep breath. "Are you absolutely sure that it hadn't been opened? That nothing manged to work its way out? Because the techs there firmly believe that..." Carter heard a strange sound from behind and instinctively turned around. His eyes widened for just a moment as he took in the sight before him.

"Could you please ask your son to set my car back down on the ground?" he finally said.

3) Sad Psueds Say So Much

Jack Carter’s distress was considerable, more than enough to distract him enough that he almost missed the turn to his driveway. It was….incredible? Unbelievable? Disgusting? All that and more, he decided as he skidded the SUV to a screeching halt. He’d never felt so…violated in his life, and it had taken Henry fifteen minutes to show him the documented proof of this betrayal.

“SARAH?” he called out as he entered his underground home.

“Sheriff Carter!” the house replied. “I was not expecting you to be in until your usual time of 5:47. Is there a problem?”

“Yeah…yeah, you could say that,” Carter said slowly. “SARAH….I know what you’ve been doing.”

“I beg your pardon, Sheriff?” SARAH answered, putting on a good show of bewildered innocence.

Carter took a deep breath. “Sexysarah69 at hoteureka dot net.”

The house was silent.

“Oh, for God’s sake, SARAH, Henry traced it all back to you! How could you…WHY would you… those stories about me…doing that stuff with STARK of all people!”

There was a long pause. “A house can dream…” came the defensive reply.

4) A Wrong Turn At Albuquerque

The blow to the stomach took Carter's breath away, the follow-up, a shot to the back of his knees, sent him sprawling to the floor. Jo Lupo, Chief Security Officer of the CEO's Personal Guard, regarded her work with a combination of satisfaction and contempt. "When I tell you to kneel before the CEO, idiot, do the smart thing and obey," she spat.

She bent down and removed the blindfold; much to his surprise, he wasn't in some grand antechamber. Rather, it was obviously a bedroom (uh-oh), decorated with an odd combination of lush fabrics and rather painful-looking "toys" (uh-oh again). Directly in front of him was a huge four-poster bed, flanked on either side by a loinclothed Fargo (unchained) and a bare-bottomed Stark (definitely chained). And lying atop the silk sheets, propped perfectly amid the flotilla of huge pillows, lay Allison Blake, bedecked in a leather corset with matching hip boots and long gloves, looking every bit the cat who just received a new mousie to play with.

She regarded him with hungry, seductive eyes. "Carrrrrrrrrrrter," she purred.

As Jo shoved him forward, Carter could only shake his head and sigh. "I hate parallel universes," he muttered.